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Success Stories

Telling the Stories...

One of the ways that we can demonstrate the benefit of the NWISBDC is to let people know about the success of other people that we have show how they have succeed in their dream of creating a small business. It takes more than just an takes a well thought out business plan to help get that idea to market and into the hands of the people that need the product.

Take a look at some of businesses that we have helped and see what they have to say...


Karen Hannon, Inventor

Lounge N' Lax

Invention, business lead to role as advocate

More Details...


Jim and Joel Jabaay

Jabaay Motors

Family, tradition at the root of company’s growth, expansion

More Details...


Ken and Vicky Schuett, owners

The UPS Store in Schererville

UPS Store owners look beyond shipping for growth 

More Details...


Jackie Primos, owner

Zen Wellness

Zen Wellness fosters link between mind, body

More Details...


Mike and Rose Massaro, owners

Produce Depot

Produce Depot link to freshness

More Details...


Greg Crowley, president

Crowley Engineering Group

Crowley Engineering Group flourishes from product, service mix 

More Details...


Wilhelm Klarer, owner

Klarer Automotive

Business ownership revives mechanic's passion for cars

More Details...


Carl and Lorrie Lisek, owners

Legacy Environmental Services

Legacy looks to leave mark on green movement

More Details...


Cliff Fleming, developer

The Village at Burns Harbor

Developer's roots inspiration behind The Village 

More Details...


Alfonso Lerma, business development manager connects jobs, recruits 

More Details...


Darnell Carter and Dana Cochran, owners

Styles & Smiles

Friendship, experience foundation for salon

More Details...


Timothy Hendrickson, Owner

Mellow Brew Cheesecake House

Mellow Brew blends cheesecake, coffee

More Details...


Maggie Lybolt, Broker

Prime Real Estate

Prime Real Estate: at home on the Web

More Details...



As you have probably already noticed, these Success Stories have been in the right-hand column throughout the entire site to help showcase the abilities of the NWISBDC to help get business going and going well...from the start. Hopefully you can be one of the next "Success Stories that we place within our site.

You can start the process of partnering with the NWISBDC by filling out one of the Intake Assessment forms below. 

Complete one of our assessment surveys to receive assistance from the ISBDC.

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